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The CD freed the Mavica line from the space constraints imposed by floppy disks, yet still offered the ubiquitous compatibility and low media costs that had made the Mavica cameras such runaway best sellers. Resting on the side of the CD-R compartment, just above the external flash connection jack, this sliding button opens the CD-R compartment door. In addition to menu scroll functions, the Arrow Pad also controls certain exposure and camera settings. A bit faster than average for first two shots, then slower than average. Program AE places the camera in control of both aperture and shutter speed, while you control the remaining exposure parameters. I am not a photographer, but people who are more acquainted with cameras LOVE it.

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Once in Index Display mode, pressing the wide-angle side again displays the image information for the highlighted thumbnail, including exposure information. The ability to set lens focus mc a specific numeric distance can be invaluable when setting 200 for shots in low-light conditions. Where we got into trouble with the Command wheel was apparently in pressing it too quickly in some modes, which resulted in a failure to recognize the actuation, and made it seem like nothing was happening.

You can record up to 40 seconds of sound for each image by holding down the shutter button.

Sony Mavica MVC CD200

If used with a flash, this becomes a slow sync mode, capturing the illuminated subjects in the foreground with the flash, and using the longer shutter speed to record ambient light from the background.

Cycle time varies greatly for small files. An Exposure Bracketing mode captures three images at different EV levels, to achieve the best possible exposure. You can see the change from optical to digital zoom by observing the marker in the zoom range wineows on the LCD panel.


With CD-RW discs, you can ” un finalize” a disc, recover that space, and allow the camera to write new images to it — and unfinalizing a CD-RW doesn’t erase any files. The AC adapter plugs into a small socket on the camera’s back panel lower right corner.

It’s got features I’ve never even really used For someone that has a newer computer that will read the disks this uses, it would be wonderful, and QUITE a bargain.

Once the shutter button has been fully depressed, the small LED lamp on the front of the camera counts down the seconds until the shutter is released a green dot in the LCD monitor flashes as well.

Digital Cameras – Sony Mavica CD Digital Camera Review

The 2x Digital Windowx function is enabled through the camera’s Setup menu, effectively increasing the CD’s zoom capabilities to 6x. If a movie file is displayed, pressing the center of the button triggers the movie playback. You can record moving images with sound at either High Quality HQ pixels, or standard quality x and x pixels. This is a slick little feature that we really enjoy, which first appeared on the Sony DSC-P1, and now seems to be a pretty standard option on all the latest Sony models.

While these are some of the best runtime numbers windos seen among digicams we’ve tested, we still always recommend users purchase and pack along a second battery. The Command wheel allows you to adjust the exposure compensation, aperture, and shutter speed settings quickly. Trending Price New. Four-Way Arrow Rocker Pad also: Battery life on the CD is notably long, but we still strongly recommend purchasing a second battery to carry as a spare.

This is so strange Individual movies can only be as long as allowed by the camera hardware, based on the MPEG-EX limits described earlier.

We liked the Manual Focus display, which eschews the usual focus bar and instead reports the current distance setting in a single, numeric reading, which can be changed by turning the Command wheel when the focus distance is highlighted on the LCD screen.


Sony Mavica MVC CD Specification.

The Playback image information includes the file type movie or stillimage size, where the image falls in the Playback index, remaining CD-R capacity, file name, date and time the image was taken, and the remaining battery power. I like it alot, its a really nice camera, unfortunately it thought I would get an upgrade to my old floppy disk Mavica, but I don’t see it as an upgrade.

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Images appear quickly as a low res version, then “fill-in” within a few seconds. I am still unclear what is working here. I tried all afternoon with no success. The freedom of a CD-R drive has many advantages over saving images to floppies as on other Mavica modelsthe main one being an increased amount of storage space — MB.

Once a disc has been initialized, operation of the CD is the same as for any other Sony camera, regardless of media.

As an added bonus, the CD offers an external flash socket and mounting shoe, which allow you to connect a more powerful flash to the camera. There are some other very practical benefits to the rewritable technology that we’ll delve into as we discuss the technology. Click this link to see what other Imaging Resource readers have had to say about the Sony Mavica CDor add comments of your own!

We’re not sure wibdows Sony managed to make focus changes so dramatically visible on the LCD, but whatever they did seems to work well, and makes the Manual Focus option much more useful than those we’ve seen on other cameras.