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Outer areas are unplayable with only 10 frames per second , despite deactivated AA. Here it becomes obvious that the turbo function doesn’t have any influence on the graphic card. The GPU was rewarded with only a slight bit more The Megabook GX has a The supplied battery easily lasted for a movie with a normal playtime of approx. The extensive connectivity barely leaves anything to be desired.

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Furthermore the fan shaft and the modem port can be found here, too. The Megabook GX reached a result of approx. Even if the numeric block was well-meant, sometimes less is more. What the battery runtime concerns, we tested this again with the BatteryEater software.

London delivers a quite similar picture. The weight still stays with only 2. ZeeraxOct 26, Therefore, the display is kept closed magnetically during transportation.

The offered volume of the loudspeakers is more than sufficient for everyday use if one can bare sound quality. The Megabook GX has various options to choose from for communicating with other computers or the internet.

Download MSI GX Bluetooth Driver WHQL for Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit

First we’ll have a look at the 3DMark Benchmarks results. The touchpad of the Megabook GX is set a bit to the left and can be described as precise and exact. The red border is an eyecatcher in any case and additionally underlines the gaming ambitions of the Megabook Mei Besides that, another quite inconvenient fact is that the Fn key is placed there where the Control key usually is.


The Megabook GX has a The fan noise is very audible but is not penetrating or disturbing. The supplied battery easily lasted for a movie with a normal playtime of approx. The one or two frames per second more don’t play a role in most cases, either.

The more of performance is therefore only in the 3DMark benchmark apparent. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Except for the keyboard and the weak display brightness, there isn’t much in the GX to complain about.

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Doom 3 was playable as smooth as silk in all detail settings, which wasn’t surprising. Adjacent to the change from plastic to aluminum, the design has been completely modified.

There were still Converting this, it equals a performance increase of What the closure concerns, the manufacturer MSI does without the standard closure mechanisms and builds on magnetism for the Megabook GX The two quite small hinges, responsible for poising the display, are also kept in red.

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Bluetooth for MSI GX620

For indoor use this might be sufficient but one has to watch out that it’s not too light because the G6x20 display can be used as a mirror in radiant surroundings. Also, the turbo featurebluetootth over-clocking by a push of a button, and the magnetic closure are things that one doesn’t find very often in this price category on the notebook market. This was in all probability well-intentioned from the manufacturer MSI, but sometimes less is more on keyboard layouts… The GX can be classified as very powerful thanks to the up-to-date hardwareespecially in applications which are confirmed by our benchmarks.

This means a total increase or 1. With regards to the offered connections in the GX there is not much to belittle.

GX+Windows 7 Pro RTM 64bit+Driver=???? | NotebookReview

RohirmAug 21, We can allege with a good conscience that this decision was a step in the right direction, in any case. The case gxx620 still black, but has an accentuating crimson strip on the four sides.

MSI on the Fast Lane.