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CSS Transforms – restricted -. JS XHR – restricted -. There was a problem removing your opinion. Deutsche Telecom T-mobile, Days Germany: The name of the OS distribution, either based on or forked from an existing operating system. The browser supports CSS columns.

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Voice over Cellular – restricted.

The browser supports the video HTML tag. Support of different certificate authorities is independent from the ability of supporting SSL. Number of SIM card slots the device is equipped with. The phone should ask for unlocking code 3.

JS Geo Location – restricted. JSR30 – restricted. Beta Properties JQM – restricted. OS Rim – restricted. This is a website of Afilias Technologies Ltd, a private company limited by shares, incorporated and registered in the Republic of Ireland with registered number and mktorola office at 6th Floor, 2 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.


The device is able to play the MIDI file as expected. RCS – restricted. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Event Listeners. Movistar Days Spain: Supports Client Side – c35.

Compare Motorola DROID Ultra vs Celkon C305

Expandable Storage – restricted. Chipset Name – restricted. VoLTE – restricted. HTTPS – restricted.

The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Events. HTML Video – restricted. Video Player WMV – restricted. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Session Storage. It was activated really quick.

Unlocking code for Motorola C

Yoigo Days United Kingdom: Phone manufacturers and mobile network mootrola have additional profits from selling the unlock codes.

OS Version – restricted. Screen Height – restricted. Please choose or enter an opinion value. How to enter code for Motorola C JS Support Events – restricted.

The IMEI number is required to complete the order. This includes enhancements within the 2G range, e. After this time should be possible to enter Unlocking Code. The browser is Flash-Capable. Diagonal Screen Size – restricted .