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This is the fourth return for me, so I think something is wrong with the design of the phone. I don’t like the vibrate mode. Recently, VZ Navigator compatibility has been extended across much of the company’s cell phone lineup. Im getting a new phone but it is a hassle having to go back and forth from the store for the third time now. This phone was the biggest waste of my money and time and has cause so much frustration and heartache! Total hassle through Rogers to get the phone upgraded Eventually I found out it did and I found the voice key but i couldn’t find where it was stored after I had recorded.

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I dont understand how to use this at all. The V is a cell phone developed by Motorola. The V is the same hardware as the V but uses a different housing. I got this phone back in february along with my mom and my brother who also got the same models, we thought they were really nifty, packed with fun features and whatnot So if any one can help then that will be great.

I couldn’t even get it to turn back on. Maybe a teen who just got their first v2220 cell phone, or for a parent that isnt into business. The phone also lacks a CSTN external screen, instead featuring a small inverted-color display. I’m fed up with the problems with this phone. When i push camera it goes to a black screen and switches back to the main screen in about 2 seconds. It is mmoto from Rogers Wireless in Canada.


Low and behold, when i later tried to change the colour style, just a blurred screen came up. The phone will freeze motto for no reason. I was up north and it did not work up there and my old phone worked just fine. I can now transfer pictures, videos, mp3s too and from my phone, syncronize my phone book and calander with outlook.

Better coverage than my nk gave2girlfriend and due to the fact its a quad mode i should have no prob with cov for awhile, other options are the basic like any other phone, games suck, but who cares.

Also I can Not get screen Savers up. It is considered the successor to the V and V model phones. It has apparently been discontinued in at least North America.

Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: It took 6 weeks for Motorola to return the phone just to say they found nothing wrong with it.

Other than the not so good camera quality and v20 small screen, you will have a blast with this phone! A common problem with this model was the antenna snapping off for no particular reason. I’ve gone through two phones since then but her V is still working well! It has been dropped down stairs, in water, in snow, across pavement, and smashed into corners when in my pocket. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Motorola V220 Reviews

Two days after I purchased the Motorola V, the screen went out. We had to exchange it within the 30 days because it died. However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on battery life. Also I find that the battery does not last very long I use to have the Nokia and the battery lasted me 1 week and that is the only thing I miss about my old phone. I have had my phone for 2 weeks now and already i see that the screen is not as bright as it use to be when I first got it.

If you don’t have an account, ask your friend to buy one for you and pay your friend afterwards.

Motorola V – User opinions and reviews

The build quality is also mediocre at best. If there was a negative star rating system I’d tick the highest. The V is a clamshell mobile phone made by Motorola.

Not extremely happy with this phone. Oh, the volume is up plenty, and all of the things partaining to the sound is fine, but if I call someone I can’t hear them speak, I don’t even get to hear a ring.