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At first when I would hit record the camera worked fine. Looks like you should be able to get it to work as a webcam using the gspca drivers, but I’m still working on that myself When I enable Ekigna similiar to Skype , something screwing up the Linux-uvc driver. Mine came in the mail today. I have the same camera MD80 clone and I’m currently on Maverick trying to get it to work as a webcam. Please enter our website www. I would not recommend buying them from ebay right now.

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Then try again starting with 1.

MD80 driver – MD80 Camera Instructions

My lense had come loose so i think the lights were just to show that there was an error. I bought the camera.

I want to have another camera, I want to return this not working device. I have cheap Mastonic digital 4. Make sure you slot it in the correct way around as it is accepted both ways. The red LED would only light up while holding in the power button. I turned it off and back on and the light turned mc80 red.


Put a correctly formatted sd-card into the camera. Pressing the mode button does indeed take the device out of mass storage mode. Now you miini open a webcam programm like cheese, and you should see a live image.

But, the caveat is you have to work on a hard drive formatted with NTFS. You can find free software and all the info you can handle to join the segments together into one file, and edit them to boot, at VideoHelp. I put one over another.

I also tried with skype, but failed. Still having some problems with it showing as 0 bytes.

MD80 driver

Then I use skype to transmit an area of my screen. At first when I would hit record the camera worked fine. I slotted the lense back in and the camera works perfectly.

Then Connect the camera to your PC. It is apparently also capable of being used as a regular webcam.

I have Logitech Vision Pro for Mac which is a cross platform webcam that just db and play, no drivers needed to install. I haven’t charge it for a few days now, I’ll wait a couple more and i’ll try again I have the current version of ubuntu ccd technically it should be working anyway like a few others said? If I plug it into the usb port on my laptop, nothing.


Am really worried about this, guess because I waited more than three weeks, saved money for this item and you know it hurts A friend if my bought the same camera, he has an CD included. The MD just pop mmini into My explorer as a webcam, double click on it and voila!

If your camera have it, set it and check to see if Ubuntu would work with it. I would not recommend buying them from ebay right now.

I installed on one laptop and a mni and it works great. Open a terminal and type lsusbthis shows whats connected on usb. This site uses cookies: I got the same error but found some instructions that helped for me: Well searching the internet landed ME on this page: I have the same issue only records for 10 mins, have you managed to get it resolved.