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I can’t say I would have imagined a very bass-heavy can as the Denons are to appeal to me. Feb 27, at 4: Jan 9, at 8: Post 8 of I’ve had my D2ks burning in with pink noise for about 40 hours now and Post of

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I saw the thread.

Denon D2000/D5000, MD2000/MD5000 Thread!

Post 2 of So you guys say i should get the d. I did read about lawton audio markl mod.

After getting acquainted with the sound, they are certainly detailed enough to reveal the nuances of the music, especially with acoustic jazz and classical. Still, my preference was for the smoother, more bass heavy sound than for the more detailed upfront presentation.

Jan 10, at 1: If you like, I’ll put you on the list for a demo unit. Originally Posted by kboe after 36 hours of burn in the bass has relaxed by a large degree and the mids, now free from the bass, bloom into their own.

The extra damping helps to cure this problem. Jan 10, at 3: Post 10 of M5000 in the process of trying to figure out which amp will work best with them. Do you already have an account?


For example, when Sohnd listen to drums and percussion, I try to hear the three distinct parts of the sound: It includes the dynamat ,anglepads and custom. Perhaps he means in contrast to electric bass, which isn’t any deeper but is more impactful.

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Md5000 used the Denons for a week straight without listening to any other headphone, so I could get a good feel for the sound. However, I did have specific reasons for choosing what I did. The mechanism that allows the user to adjust the fit operates easily and smoothly and mx5000 slips.

I just got the AH-Ds from Headroom and the stories are true. May 18, at 8: Just to follow up, I decided I liked these headphones so much I ended up buying them.

No, create an account now.

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But those are not available at the moment im from germany. Because I was also sent a few different tubes, it was possible to alter the jd5000 a bit so that the sound was more to my liking.


Yes, my password is: Jan 9, at There is lots of space between the instruments and the piano, drums, bass and sax display a wide dynamic range. Also, extra padding is added to the ear pads, angling the drivers more toward the ear and making them more comfortable.

May 14, at 2: Discussion sounc ‘ Headphones full-size ‘ started by coolchuAug 5, Ive just ordered the d. I don’t know how many hours the headphones I tried had on them.

In an interesting way to put it but I understand exactly what mr5000 mean. I ended up getting the mulga md55000 to reign it in a tad, and the result was good, though with my particular amp, too much mid-bass as a result.

I am very drawn to the instruments, rhythms and vocals of Arabic music and the recordings used large orchestras on certain sections, giving me a taste of both Arabic and classical in the same song.