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The alarm threshold activation mode changes according to the type of gas detection profile and connected detector. The detector standard comes with 7 software programmable relays. Alarms are user selectable and for each input it is possible to set the type of detector, its full scale range and the alarm thresholds. The IR light sensor helps the detector recognise specific situations such as welding and makes adjustments rapidly in order to further reduce the potential for false alarms caused by nuisances Height: Dimensions L x W x H:

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Alternatively the same device may be placed in to an unsupervised mode which can then be used to control any switched load up to 30VDC Dimensions W x H x D: A pair of rotary code switches is used to set the address of the first module from 01 to In combination with the short range reflector supplied with the beam, the 4 reflectors mounted in square form one big reflector surface which extends the beam range over 70m, up to a maximum distance of m.

An optional remote LED annunciator may be used to repeat any alarm signal.

The FAAST XS aspirating smoke detector combines advanced particle separation with unique dual source optical smoke detection technology to provide highly sensitive Very Early Warning Fire Detection while providing enhanced immunity to false alarms.


Red or Amber Light color: The light beam aperture is about 3 degrees. Control Unit IDT SMART3 moves the goalposts in the fight against false alarms in the core detector space by delivering enhanced false alarm immunity. The design of the FR utilises forced air, which results in a circulating current of warm air maintaining the detector lens at an incrementally higher temperature than the surrounding air.

The Stopper consists of a clear, tamper-proof, tough polycarbonate cover and frame that fits over the break glass call point. The TMP2 series includes an electronic circuit for signal conditioning generated by the transducer. Universal bracket Universal mounting bracket comes pre-drilled to mount the FIRERAY detector head as well as the four and single prism mounting plates.

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Telescopic smoke dispenser included per can. Moulding adds 21 mm to overall depth of back box. The housing material is a self-extinguishing thermoplastic, white color and the diffuser is a clear self-extinguishing polycarbonate. Includes status indication leds and text insert label kit. Static pressure rating max. Fire alarm system EBL Op-9617 An analog addressable fire alarm system for early detection – without any unwanted alarms.


Required per NF intelligent fire alarm panel. To be ordered in a multiple of 5 meters. It is a waterproof manual call point, combined with a wireless RF transceiver and fits onto a wireless backplate. The control panel is based on a powerful microprocessor which provides a wide range of self-diagnostic procedures to detect and locate possible faults. Dimensions l x w x h: It has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and thus can equally suit modern architectural buildings as well as heritage sites, particularly where ornate ceilings exist.


Luxembourg The below items are available on request only. The visual products meet the requirement of the latest EN The audible products meet the requirements of EN Loop powered with low current draw. Uses 1 panel COM port. The conventional Series smoke detector and the air inlet sampling tube must be ordered separately. This device allows wireless sounders silencing by being controlled by the control panel s sounder output line.

For beam range from 5 to 50m. Will hold batteries up to 17Ah requires cover blanking plate. Product Information Fire alarm panel C Fire alarm panel C, basic configuration In common with all modern Esser panels, the C fire alarm panel is based on high-performance ringbus technology.

Power down reset time: Requires a RS interface. Reels of meters.