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The only reason I can think of, hinted at in the American review, is that the digital signal processor just could not handle the data rates coming off the full chip. Camcorder Slow Shutter Modes. How the colour filtering system used with CCDs works is not very common knowledge for the average user. Interestingly synonymous, I find that s. All of the digital still cameras I’ve come across from low end to semi-pro quote the monochrome resolution as the resolution, which is the total of all red, green and blue filtered pixels. January 24, – In a way though the PDX10’s fiddling with three automatic ND filters and the use of a nasty nasty in optical engineering terms only two bladed diaphragm should not matter two hoots to the end user.

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Camcorder Slow Shutter Modes.

Don’t have an account? Resolution is pushed much to much in the stills camera world and certainly a high resolution camera does not always mean, better quality. One suggestion would be to film a test chart, import frame grabs into Photoshop, and magnify the relevant detail sections to see at what point detail is lost. LCD monitor, and the file is copied from vjc memory card to the PC.

SHIFT for this one. I think you’re confusing two separate issues – resolution and sensitivity. I just don’t see what you mean by chroma resolution being different to the number of pixels. I’d prefer to see more resolution chart results in tests.


You’re also doing me an injustice with your other examples, as I clearly state on p29 of the review “Despite the PD1’s x recording resolution, DV is still captured at x like any other camcorder”. We’re confident wider support will come from other editing software makers, but until then, the PD1 remains more limited than it could be.

The PD1 may encourage this market to start, but anyone ggr-pd1 about buying one now jjvc probably not be using it when we have HD broadcast and pre-recorded discs.

JVC GR-PD1 review in March CV

A still image will be recorded for approx. In my engineering days I remember working on location drama with tube cameras, and the arrival of a set of ND filters.

If you are using a brand new memory card, you need to initialize the memory card with the camcorder first. If they’ve gamma-corrected that and then doen all the processing in YRB or YUV, then it’s much more of a breakthroguh than they’re claiming.

JVC GR-PD1 Camcorder – Black | eBay

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Sony, after all, is at pains to hide that from any sort of technical specification I could find anywhere. If you are going to use any other i.

The existing posts will remain as an archive. January 29, – The tape is moving, but there is no picture.

Using a physically larger CCD has always meant a better image for the obvious reason that more light will fall on each pixel, making the camera more sensitive. To form a colour pixel, adding various combinations out gf-pd1 the four will give any desired derivation. System Requirements For copying still image files to a PC The following requirements must be satisfied to connect the camcorder to a PC using the USB cable, and to copy still image files from the memory card in the camcorder.


Sorry about adding my comment, I just felt like contributing something Looking forward to any advice, all the best, Ron. Regarding quality monitoring, it’s not necessary to have a large monitor to assess the sharpness. To prolong service lifeā€¦ I’ll just ammend that, standard DV recording is 4: March 8, – Rightly discounting that all the shortfall is not down to management functions, you go on to say that “The answer is in JVC’s Hybrid Complementary-Primary colour filter system Additional Features DV input.

Safety Precautions Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this digital video camera. It’s perhaps a little less surprising when it becomes clear that this camcorder, the GR-PD1, is from JVC – a maverick among leading Japanese camcorder manufacturers in that it didn’t have a prosumer range at all until this new model.

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