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Drivers with cupfaces, adhesion techniques such as brazing and robotic plasma-welding are high-tech stuff and can effectively fuse that high-performance face to the head while maintaining the desired weighting scheme. Low-compression balls and a new line of easy-to-hit EZ products. Players Series woods also available. Bridgestone J33R cc www. Our powerful CFD software embeds seamlessly with our CAD environment which allows us to quickly prepare your models, run simulations and generate detailed flow results.

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This driver is the go-to club for equipment purists who crave more yardage.

With the W, Srixon once again debuts technological breakthroughs that translate into heightened performance. Fluid behaviour involves many complex physical mechanisms. Titanium retains the top spot when it comes to driver usage, occupying most driver clubfaces, soleplates and crown sections. Each model is designed to augment a specific swing speed by fine-tuning loft, face progression and the stock Aldila NV shaft.

The stock shaft, which is the only option available, has a low 3.

Indicates the material used for the strike area. See our huge selection of golf cartsgolf ballsgolf driversgolf giftsgolf shoesgolf irons, golf accessories, golf bags innobex, golf puttersgolf wedges, hybrid golf clubsgolf apparelladies golf equipmentgolf push carts and golf tips.

Drivers Buyer’s Guide – Golf Tips Magazine

KE4, CT Clubhead: Details include collisions with your solid body design and gravity effects. Bobby Jones Player www.


Regardless of skill level, this club performs surprisingly well and it’s a riot to hit. Particle Studies Determine how different particulates will behave when present in your flow stream.

Our expertise with CFD allows us to present the results and quickly generate various studies to investigate different flow conditions or design features: Once a model has been prepped for simulation, clones can be quickly created to allow multiple studies.

In addition, the system allows these adjustments to be made on demand without negatively affecting the CG location of the clubhead.

You must be logged in to post a comment. The sleek, yet simple design. Helps create a wider sweet spot producing higher ball speeds for greater distance along with the ability to get more repeatable shots from contact on different points across the face of ibnovex club.

We have our preferences, too.

Pure, all-titanium construction with a blend of new and old Callaway design breakthroughs. One of the best-looking drivers for isn’t short on distance-enhancing features.

Cleveland Launcher Comp www. This is a club that feels right and produces plenty of pop. MacGregor once lnnovex pushes the envelope of design and performance.

To begin, take the plunge and convince yourself that a premium-quality model is worth the investment and, if you can, try not to be overly concerned with price. Lists the lofts available in the line and whether or not the clubs are available for lefties.


The key is the size of the high-COR area—after all, you still need your distance even if you miss the sweet spot. Then, you attach it to the body using the old welding process, and the welding mass moves that rear CG you tried so hard to create forward. As expected, due to the generally complex nature of fluid flow the results can be equally complex.

Innovex Golf CfD 12° Drivers

The highest COR recorded of any persimmon wood, thanks to a forward-thinking titanium faceplate. The hitting area—no driver in golf can match the size of the Speed’s strike area. Face Welding You have a high-performance face made from exotic beta-titanium that’s been triple-forged to create multiple thicknesses with a high COR.

Heat Flow Visualize and accurately measure heat flow anywhere in your flow stream or solid body. Anyone who desires almost-automatic accuracy needs a Perfect Club. More distance for all skill levels.