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The lowest-priced item in unused and unworn condition with absolutely no signs of wear. So the ability to have the trackpoint on this external keyboard to be less rigid is very important. But eventually your finger will learn that the little red thing doesn’t actually move: So keyboards are important to me. Otherwise, I liked it a lot and found that the 2 USB ports in back worked better than the ones on the docking station.

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The size is just perfect where space is at a premium. Will try this weekend and report the success: Not horrible at all, just not as good as the built-in touch.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. How does that trackpoint feel?

IBM Space Saver II Trackpoint Keyboard FRU 37l0888 Ps2

Ivan at April 7, Just remap them, it’s easy and free, I always remap at least keyboadd keys on all my pcs. Fast forward a decade to Mike at November 6, The feature I really wanted doesn’t seem to work.

The reason I gave it 4 stars is that it will not work with a 3 button scroll wheel mouse. The Goldtouch doesn’t have a number pad, but the arrow keys are in a convenient place. Finding really good keyboards seems to be getting harder and harder.


Works perfectly with Windows 7 if you do spavesaver load OEM disk. I spend all day in front of a computer keyboard. If you have any questions, pls don’t hesitate to inform us.

Re woe to speedy typists — my new HP’s keyboard won’t let me cap a letter if I type it “too soon” after hitting shift. Why is it so hard to find a good keyboard? Hard to describe but that is the best I can do. Trick keyboadd to rest gently. You probably saw prices like that on those surplus parts webpages which list everything for outrageous prices and have nothing.

IBM SpaceSaver II 37L Wired Keyboard | eBay

Ah what the hell, I’ll shoot Unicomp an email and gasp over what they want to charge me for a single spacesaver keyboard with ib reasonable keyboard layout They have this new X-touch technology which gives the keys a feel I really like. But in my opinion there is one other keyboard that is even better: Its made in the same plant on the same machinery as IBM made their keyboards for years before they sold off that part of their business. On my thinkpad I have it set 2 notches away from the most sensitive setting.


My sister pointed this out because she used emacs a lot in college and she was stretching her pinky finger too much on her left hand. That changed in the late 20th century, accelerating into the present spacfsaver. Anyone know if these are the same piece of equipment? I read on a Japanese website that compared the two keyboards, and he also reported that the USB version has a rigid trackpoint.

IBM SpaceSaver II – keyboard Series

A climate-controlled testing facility. I’d click an ad if you had one!

Rick at December 27, Tejas I like tactile, clicky, switches. You can use a USB mouse simultaneously to the trackpoint.