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No, create an account now. The Clubmaker book explains dynamic lie fitting. Put the tape on, shaft in the middle of the tape, and cut it off a little longer than the butt end. I’m about to reshaft my driver. How long do you need to let shafts sit after a reshaft? I cleared the yrd flag with ease.

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Use your Box Cutter to cut off the Ferrule.

How long do you need to let shafts sit after a reshaft?

Several functions may not work. If using normal, put it on tomorrow.

Both the clear and the dark need reshafg come out semi-equally. Really though, if you have a vise, and a bench and a few tools lying about, it’s not that expensive. When the epxoy starts to bubble out, stop and wipe down the hosel.

I will tell you this, it took so long to write that, I could have reshafted your clubs for you, and another set to boot. We appreciate that you longg this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant.


Acetone will take the paint off anything so if you are useing it around graphite shafts be very careful.

Posted 13 September – Since you say you have a vice, it means you just may have a shop. How soon after can I start using it? I only swing a 5-iron 87mph so there’s no chance of me loading these shafts or having any kind of feel. That’s all I really have. Little minor details like that. A pipe cutter or hacksaw to cut the shafts other tools such as a Dremel Tool, Bench Grinder with Cutoff blade or Chop Saw with cuttoff blade will simplify this step but is not required.

Just use more solvent.

The popup will be closed in 10 seconds Cure time is generally based on a temp in the mid-low 70’s I believe. Some recommend items include some leather gloves or some sort of device to help twist the clubhead off of the shaft that will protect your hand from the heat.

How hard is it to reshaft clubs? |

Ferrules for the shaft the platic things that sit just above the hosel. If it is my own club, things are different.


DrBrownApr 16, He says they do this because the head design gets the ball up quick so they stiffen the shafts to make up for it so they have a more normal ball flight. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Once you have all the tools on hand, it’s quick and dirt cheap to “tinker” with your clubs. Sign in deshaft Don’t add me to the active users list.

Push it on, vertically, with the shaft pushing down to the cardboard. Adam PettmanApr 16, What I use in my shop for a reshaft: Rdshaft you didn’t know yet if they were. He said that would put me a tad over a regular flex with the right kick. Ballard on Length of Backswing. Aug 30, Messages: The Clubmaker book explains dynamic lie fitting.