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There are motion detection modes both for video and for photo. The manual was written for a device in a case, and is not written in the best English. The HD Wing camera is a simple camera with no fancy packaging or features. To start with I can’t say that the user interface on the camera is less than intuitive. I have tried this on Mac OS X

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Because it is inside the plastic shrink tube it can be tricky to push this button. The only way to get a “live” video-out” signal is to use the cxmera mode in which the camera automatically starts recording when it detects movement within its field of view.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. How to get a product reviewed here 4 Mar Since this has become a very frequently asked question, I’ve posted this simple guide to getting your product, or a product you’re thinking of buying reviewed here at RCModelReviews How servos work Useful information on what’s inside your servos and how they work.

What was most exciting about the claims for this camera is that it offers a video-out connection, potentially allowing you to use it not only as a recording camera but also as the one that feeds your video system. Possibly a defective product??

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A quite large single lipo cell sits over one side of the PC board, covering much of the interesting circuitry. This camera has live-out so I can hook it up in the FPV transmitter and have some better quality picture. Push button 1 three times after the camera wung.


In fact I designed and built my first RC set back in To start with I can’t say that the user interface on the camera is less than intuitive.

FED50HJul 21, Now you can just press button 2 to start your recording as usual. Try to push and hold the reset button for a few seconds. But still the price vamera this camera was really good.

Review: Hobby King p HD video camera

I wonder if there isn’t one on this cam? Its wrapped in heatshink, thats all so a no-go on rainy weather. Reset button next to the AV port, a tiny button: Back in the old days, building your own RC gear was not uncommon and now the arrival of 2.

The lens is somewhat wider angle than the keychain cameras but not as wide as the GoPro HD, although a good degree of barrel distortion typical of very wide-angle lenses is apparent. Remove the memory card from the camera and plug it into you memory card reader this one for example: I dont know how to use this and I dont have time today to learn. I bought an “Electristar” from a gentleman in Cartersville about 5 years ago.


HD Wing Camera II – Full HD xP 30FPS

Remember me on this win. Summary I was really hoping this would be a kick-ass way to integrate the functions of FPV camera and onboard video camera — but it’s not.


Flying towards the sun is not handled good but I think this is a situation that many cameras have a problem with. Find More Posts by magwie. In low light condition there are a lot of artifacts in the picture.

Instead the manual can be downloaded from the “Files” tab of the product page at HobbyKing direct link to picture here and direct link to pdf. The answers are here, with more to come.

Motion detection photo mode: I’ve done my best to demystify the whole subject so if you feel like a bit of camerw, this is the stuff for you! Push button 1 twice after the camera is initialized, the. A really odd “feature” is the vibrating alert which is triggered each time you press one of the three buttons that control the camera’s operation. The only small problem is that I have family coming this weekend and I probably won’t get flying time.

OMG the world just ended My Credentials So who’s doing this reviewing then?