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Good point, I have played with persimmon drivers. I think someone saw my comment and fixed the error. I’d like to play an entire round with old clubs someday, the irons wouldn’t bother me at all but the woods would take some getting used to. Were all the clubs used fit to the person to achieve the same parameters in launch? I should find that puppy and and re-shaft it to belly-putter length and amaze my golfing buddies when I break it out! But what is referred to by the phrase muscle memory is Motor Learning. I think he would have the same reply as you.

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It will help you hone in on making a centered strike on the tee ball persinmon a more regular persmimon. Gear effect is the self-imparting spin that is put on the ball when hit on the heel or toe – balls hit on the heel or toe of a Persimmon driver, due to its roll and bulge and deeper COG, will move back online toward the target and have a tighter dispersion.

In my opinion this could easily account for the relatively small differences in yards per mph. Woods, however, are a different story. Adam 4 years ago.

For one thing the COR today is limited to. Loomis shaft yes, the fishing rod G. If the wood headed wood had the same specs as the metal wood a golfer normally uses, it would be good practice to use the wood headed wood.


Dustin Johnson hits Jack Nicklaus’ old persimmon driver, 1-iron

Persimmln companies like Taylor Made for example come out with new stuff at least twice a year. My irons are still the Ben Persimmonn Crown Customs cavity backs, steel shaftswhich I bought new in I should find that puppy and and re-shaft it to belly-putter length and amaze my golfing buddies when I break it out!

Posted 08 November – Maxwell’s drive was yards with his M43 driver in the fairway. His teaching objective is to get his students to understand, and learn to better control the factors that influence the flight of their golf ball.

Results are all that matters. SS was good, but then Titanium was better, it allowed for bigger heads, stronger heads and thinner faces, it was the start of the distance race. If it works consistently, maybe I’ll just stick with the old technology.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

Though, as I think about it, if you were in a profession that demanded a lot of your time, you probably would not have had as much time to play while you were working so you might not be as accomplished a player in your retirement years as someone who had a lot of time to play while they were working.

From the first hit, it found the middle of the fairway.

We should have never allowed anything other than wood in woods. I played Persimmon always Mac Gregor for the first 15 years of my undistinguished golfing career.


Watch: DJ hits Nicklaus’ persimmon driver, 1-iron | Golf Channel

Posted 15 November – Euan Hardman 2 years ago. I may just stick with the high tee ball, but I am sure that I hirting going to screw up badly at some point and put an idiot mark on the clubhead.

Will bring more of such …. That they retired as a General and CEO, tells you they have enough money to play as much retirement golf as they choose. With their own drivers the testers averaged I suspect that the 2.

He has never hit a wood club. I am surprised I can still hit it but I manage.

How to properly hit a persimmon driver – Hickory, Persimmon and Classic Clubs – GolfWRX

It was just to round out the descriptions of who was included in the test group. CBlackwell 4 years ago. People spent a lot more emphasis on the ball they played. Were all the clubs used fit to the person to achieve the same parameters in launch? That coin also represents my intermediate target when on a real green, when playing for a score. PGA Hhitting 1d ago My year in golf: