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Can I add a signature panel on the tablet for Excel or Word files? You could use the pen and mouse as an alternative. It is brand new, I bought it from Amazon, how do I get a replacement? My tablet pen is broken, where can I buy the pen? The tablet cursor on the screen moves randomly, why? There will be an icon in the Program List after installation.

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We suggest a distance between the tablet and monitor as: In Windows, there is a file and a toolbox that will open and it can easily write on tablet and see on computer. Hi, does easypfn work with Windows 7, in 32 bit.

Genius Easy Pen i405X 4″x5.5″ Graphic Tablet with Pen

It could be frequency interference between the monitor and the tablet. Since easyypen was cheap, I wanted to buy one to experiment. This is great practice for beginners like me who can’t afford the more expensive ones.

Hi Ann, sorry but we don’t have a spare pen for that item. The protective cover is used for consumption.

Genius Product Support – EasyPen i

The cordless pen has level pressure sensitivity but it does not support pressure sensitivity adjustment. You need to check the model name and our service center information nearby on our website, then contact our service center for assistance. Login or Register to easypej questions. Genius Easy Pen iX 4″x5.


But in Mac, how to find such a file? Compatible sa Windows 10?

Bringing the pen to the graphics tablet within 1 cm of the surface generates a sharp pencil style and does not control the atblet thickness and click. Can I connect a tablet pen and mouse together?

Open a Microsoft Office Word file. After several hours of using it, there was a spot in the tablet that formed a small bubble due to repeated scratching of the pen. We appreciate your feedback for your Genius product user experience. essypen

Because of copyright regulation, our software does not include this function. The pen feels heavy due to the battery inside. Enter Handwriting Tool, and you can choose Color, Width, and so on. Whenever I would touch the tablet pen to the tablet itself, and I hold still, the cursor keeps jumping around.

It works well with Photoshop and Illustrator. Hi Geraldine, yes, it is compatible.

Genius Product Support – EasyPen iX

The Adobe CS4 Photoshop program is trial version only, there is no need to type in the password license key when you install it, just click on Trial Option. Shop through our app to enjoy: Unfortunately, our tablets do not support eaaypen Adobe Acrobat DC.


Check the laptop if it can recognize the tablet or not and the driver is the latest version. Go to our website to download the latest driver to solve this problem.

Using the tablet for a few months, it creates scratch on the surface, what can I do?

Subscribe and be the first to get great deals! The computer responds to the clicks, rasypen the computer does not respond to any pen movements. Express yourself on your computer by simply touching the pen tip to the tablet. The tablet mouse cursor is shaking that I cannot move it.