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How should the step definition now read then please? I want to fill up a form in website. NilClass Points to code: I am still working on it but since I am using a free account there is not much help. In the case of the each method above, it takes a single argument which is a block. Because I have issues while executing in IE.

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Instead of using click as an action method, you can also replace click with set which sounds more user-friendly but does the same thing.


If the SideMenuPanel is almost all around the site, what about to create a class for it? I hope this all makes sense. I will cover many patterns, practices, tools, and Yes Ruby gems that make testing applications particularly but not limited to Web applications easier including a few of my own.

The second line in the above snippet, for example, will click on the third checkbox element it finds. Was wondering if you had run into this before and could advise what I can do to solve? So when I run the rails s command the puppy site does not start.

Helle Jeff, great thanks for the book, its amazing, but i stuck on this moment: The point I was trying to make in the example in the book was that when we have reusable parts it is nearly always best to make modules that can be included in several pages.


I can access the internet on all of them. Charles September 14, at 9: Thanks so much for this book, has saved me countless hours on trying to create a framework using the page object model.

I already had successfully installed ffi v1. I think he has some experience with Flash and Cucumber. Enter a valid path in the set argument or your program will crash. By default Watir-webdriver will open an instance of Firefox and will throw an error if Firefox is not installed. I am reading through your book great work, thanks a lot!

Gem Update – Watir Project

So, my question is. Any information would be appreciated. At the time we were developing the testing framework, HipTest did not have Cucumber support, only RSpec. I try updste Installing the puppy application on your computer. Using the cheese machine Given I have no cheese When I press the make cheese button Then I should have 1 piece of cheese. For Web applications, I also used the most popular Ruby tool for page traversal and verification, Watir.


Solved it, found out that in my env. Again, when we call one of the generated methods on the page instance the block is executed and when it is executed it is passed the instance of the page. Where we are creating the instance of our page.

Selenium has built in wait functions, however its implementation tended to be overly generic. The above code lists 2 ways you can select a specific option: To get started, first install Watir-webdriver with gem install watir-webdriver.

Hi Cheezy, I thought something like that had happened! Sudheer, This is an excellent question. Best regards and many thanks in advance, Ana. I find the snippets extremly useful and prefer to either type them myself or copy paste instead of downloading an entire zip file.

Setup a route that logs into the system and navigates to the pages. There is no reason why this would not work.