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User Guide NAS 3. The following guidelines and restrictions apply to Mixed Media settings: To find out if a name server is available, contact your network administrator. Setting up the WINS name server is outside the scope of this manual. If you experience problems printing EPS files with Downloader, print the file directly from the application in which you created it. If you change your mind and do not want to remove any of the file servers, press the Menu button. This prevents unlimited access to the Fiery X3eTY over your network and ensures network security in your environment.

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If your network requirements change, you can change Network Setup at any time.

If you experience printing problems, set this option to No. For more information, see Utilities.

It is not affected by passwords. The options are described in detail in the following pages.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable More information. If the material gets on your skin or clothing, wash it off with soap and water immediately.

If set to Auto, the PDL type of incoming jobs is automatically detected, and the job is sent to the appropriate interpreter.

Specify the system date and time recorded on the Job Log. By default, the fonts are installed to the System Folder: Status provides current information on the jobs processing and printing on the Fieyr X3eTY. Enter the server name that will appear on the network. Jobs prioritized by an operator with the job management tools and jobs sent via the Direct connection take priority over jobs sent to the Print queue. Printed jobs are represented by a white PostScript icon Icon pd. You must assign the NetWare queue names a specific extension corresponding to the Fiery X3eTY print connection, as follows: Configure the Add New Server dialog box as outlined in steps 3 os 5 in the previous procedure.


Choose administrator or supervisor if you have those privileges. For complete system requirements, see Welcome. A name consisting only of spaces is invalid.

Fiery X3eTY 50C-KM PS v eu Drivers for Windows 8, 7, Vista – EFI – DriversGuru

Shift-click to select multiple, sequential pages. For information, see the documentation that accompanies your network system. When a client on a remote computer decides to print, the job is directed to a Print queue on the NetWare file server and spooled to the NetWare server disk, freeing up the client workstation. Some applications, including Adobe Photoshop, provide transfer functions that allow you to specify density settings for an image.

If you select Yes, the preview thumbnail is displayed in the Processing area of the Activity Monitor. However, always restart the Fiery X3eTY after you create or remove a queue.

Drivers >>> Fiery X3ety 50c-km Ps V2.01 driver

This utility can be installed on a Windows computer and accessed from Command WorkStation. If you would like to view 50c-jm session again or share it, please access the recording of the webinar. Define the target page as the first or last page in the document or a specific numbered page. View currently configured network port settings.


When the Print Server is displayed on the second line, choose OK. The Available Servers dialog box appears.

Fiery X3ety 50c-km Ps V driver – DriverDouble

Page range PDF files only: If not, a warning message alerts you to install the Service Pack. The following procedures describe how to use Remote Scan from Photoshop 6. Enter the name of the account. Press the OK button to the right of a command to select that command.