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Where is this rca signal? The sound now seems to be coming from the doors more than before where I felt it was all around me. Log in Become a member. I use it for two months preque with my rock band, pop, entertainment and my discomobile I already tried audiphony systems nothing to do Would have liked the roundness of 46cm, but we can not have everything!

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Request a new review. Even with this setup the sound was barely better than having just one mid speaker in each door although the bass was very nice and tight.

Very flexible, His warm and striking good bass! The tweeter has an inline crossover and it sounds great. I think you would be better to consider a Bavsound upgrade. On mini it is standard and newer f30’s also strangly. Just want to add tweeters and change the mids in front doors.

If you don’t have one of the more advanced audio systems like harman kardon from factory, you mostly don’t even have tweeters. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.


Esys to Integrate Liquid Applied Sound Deadening (LASD) Robotic Cells for the Chevy Volt

I know i am one happy camper: Weight very acceptable for the amplified Minimum: I guess i will only know how good they are after some proper tuning.

You can get around this by installing true component speakers with proper crossovers for both mid and tweeter or by installing soune DSP like the MS The last is just a volume bar popup. Log in Become a member. Originally Posted soudn Almaretto Which audio system does your car have? I read something about changing an option from hifi to tophifi while coding.

Even in large gyms, he was able to get by, the sound was not super strong, but more than adequate for dancing the people present with a reinforcement of w JBL for autonomous mobile disco for the band! Any one know why this would be? This has settings for defining which eq-data set must be loaded: I am wondering if the BAVsound suffer from the same issue since I believe that their inline crossover only impacts their tweeter.

I have esys and the enet cable I just don’t know under where it would be to adjust the output Thanks again!! I hope this change actually works for others. Originally Posted by Jdmdc5teg06 I was wondering if there is a option to edit the sound volume on a F30 through Esys. You really want to turn down khz down more?


PRODUCT ARCHIVE – ESYS EPX – HK Audio – not currently available

Not satisfied with those reviews? Did anyone try just changing the Eq via the coding example?

This is my mini F56 with same nbt of a friends F30 http: Appreciate 1 Almaretto I do find that i am missing some mid vocals but i think some tuning may help in that respect. Originally Posted by Almaretto. Yorkville best for discomobile as for esye Plus: I totally Agree Technic. And you are saying this controls the equalization only? I am slightly disappointed with the Focals though, my old Boston Pros put these to shame.