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Really total U-disk idea. Strange, but again I think I need to further test it. Create your own gba eBooks with pictures and even sound or read regular PC. Only GBA for the time being? USB is a standard. The Extreme Flash Advance is one of the newer carts on the market, and it is coming out from a brand new company. I have just seen that the link provided for the cable also provides the drivers.

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To receive our Daily Newsletter, you must first be a member of the QJ website. Backup games to PC. No bandwagon or direct reply posts. There are two included pieces of software in the RAR archive, a code crypt tool and a converter, the PDF manual explains how to use them. The Extreme Flash Advance is one of the newer carts on the market, and it is coming out from a brand new company. You can also download these gba book roms from the net.


VM is your only ji method, though it should not really be a pain — a cut down version of XP running in modern virtualbox or something should not be too much of a drain for the few times you need to sit down and sort your flash cart out. Want to learn more about the team who brings you the QJ news?


DarkoMischief- thanks for the awesome competitions! Computer Software and Operating Systems. Tons of free Software available. Unfortunately when I tried flashing Pogoshell to my EFA, and changed the save type in the client to Kbits as instructed the client crashed.

And of course, this cart has a real-time clock support RTC. Net in our free Daily Digest. It works just like WinAmp, you have a play list where you can select your songs. If you want Video Clips use the Movie player. Again you will create a file similar to the game rom that you can write to the flash card same as one of the games and when selected in the boot menu it will play the movie!

All I can guess is that you had trouble to make the computer recoqnize the cart to display on the window It looks quite fancy too, with its custom skin.

EFA Linker II Review

That is a great gba kit tho, i still have my old Wise-box and a mbit card without rtc – it need 20 mins just to set it up and 20 mins to transfer the rom using printerport.

Could you please be more informative?! And files this one under strange things you find while trolling the nets So, no complaints here either. As it stands I have to boot into a virtual windows XP machine to get it to read, which is a bit of a pain to say the least.


EFA II does not need any external writer bridge.

This is not the place to spam your channel or stream. I got that cable iii it gets painfully hot in literally two seconds when hooked into any of my USB ports, and the long card. Ordered it from a German company close to Frankfurt so Tags for this Thread efagba or gbm or ndslinkerreview.

I know it’s a standard but this particular end is pretty unique, and I don’t want another one to heat up like this. What can I say? How it works The cables connect the cart to any USB port on any computer and it shows up as a regular “Removable Media” flash drive with MB of space on it for the.

Play mini games via cable, no cart needed. The cart supports hardware save support for all games, including 1Mb Flash. I love you all in a manly way!!! The cart also has very good battery power consummation, comparable with the EZ2 PowerStar.

Best iPhone Manager Recover Multicarts with roms in 1.