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The battery life is modest but acceptable for most users, and all thing considered, the run time available from the weak mAh battery is actually quite good. Regardless, the game always suffered from a choppy frame rate. The bottom plate made of thin plastic is easily able to be deformed with a finger. A value of is typical for Office-notebooks and netbooks. That the keyboard rattles would not describe it correctly; on the one hand there is only a dull noise when typing and on the other the pressure point is crisp. The outer lid is, at first glance, unaffected by scratches. Packard Bell integrated a numeric keypad , which is an advantage for office users and makes the input of numbers far easier.

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There are hardly any reviews since This banner informs the user of the Social-Network button. CoD Modern Warfare 2 The 90 Watt adapter is capacity enough to handle the The memory is clocked at MHz, the core at MHz.

Review Packard Bell EasyNote TM87 Notebook

What in the world does the Social Network Button above the keyboard mean? At x and at high details the shooter achieves 47 FPS. The surface of the touch pad Synaptics Multitouch Pad V7. How two notebooks with the same base, the Easynote TM87 and the Aspirecan end up looking completely optically dissimilar. Using the Realtek sound-improvement software helps to balance out the sound to the untrained ear. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit.


Packard Bell EasyNote TM Series – External Reviews

The GPU possesses DirectX effects, though a poor score of points in 3DMark06 doesn’t make much difference when talking about current games. For successive viewings, the Li-Ion battery is charged and at the ready after 1: There is enough juice to play a DVD movie for a good two hours. The highest recorded yet still non-threatening noise was In such a situation we measured 31 dB A.

Those not stressing the system much at all can expect the notebook to last up to 4: The newest Intel processors all have something in common: The stereo-loudspeakers are located above the chrome-colored strip under a fine mesh.

We will find out in this test what the All of these answers and more in our comprehensive review. The case is stable and touts a premium look thanks kan the matte red surfaces.

Review Packard Bell EasyNote TM87 Notebook – Reviews

Pocket Lint This is a great machine for those rasynote search of brains and beauty – there’s plenty of substance to back up the Packard Bell EasyNote TM’s style. The Core i3-system put even lower numbers with a run time of 2: The bottom plate made of thin plastic is easily able to be deformed with a finger.


Most users will be satisfied with this quasi-standard format that they have implemented. For Office-notebooks non-glare panels are best. The touch-surface has both vertical and horizontal scrollbars.

The keyboard area during a stress test becomes very warm to the tune of 46 degrees Celsius. The action is not only spongy when talking about the key itself, but rather the entire surface of the keyboard.

Style-oriented customers will certainly get their money’s worth when considering this After this side view, the number of available connections has been reached Right 2x USB.

Temperature The temperatures were not able to keep pace with the excellent results that we obtained previously in the noise segment. At normal operation surfing, listening to music or using Office applications the cooling fan turns at low RPMs but never turns off completely. Those counting their pennies or users unconcerned or unconvinced by the fancy optics can get more punch for their dollar.

Realistically during Office applications and brief periods of stress the CPU will be using somewhere around 20 Watts.