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Ingit Suthar January 8, at 2: Davide Gironi January 9, at Hello, this library should work at 1Mhz. Hello, I want to connect multiple sensors, and I have tried your code but it works only on one sensor, so can anyone help me please. The read and write byte functions of this libarry needs precise timing, Interrupt is disabled to prevent timing errors. Dove si viene definito il pin del micro come ingresso del ds18b20?

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Just keep in mind that changing fuse settings may block your micro.

Have you try to compile it with avrgcc? Anyway, try at first without any interrupt, try just a simple code.

Hello, try the dtostrf from the stdlib. Unfortunately I don’t have a scope to check that.

megaAVR Temperature Sensor DS18B20 Example

I have defined it like this, for 8MHz: LeMK January 24, at Solution is very simple, just put line high and wait ms after start of temp conversion: Andrew I June 22, at 5: Davide Gironi July 11, at 7: Alex T November 18, at Davide Gironi November 17, at If you’ve got a ds120 check that the pin output is complaint to the Dss1820 timing, look at the Maxim Integrated datasheet from page After a short look at the datasheet, I have increased the delays between bytes, from 1us to 2us and everything went fine.


Franco Prosdocimo September 14, at 7: It is interesting, many people reading weird values, or 85C or C might be affected by the same thing. Davide Gironi September 14, at Oscar did you solve your errors? This value is obviously not reflecting a temperature, but have yet to find a resolution. Dove potrebbe essere lo sbaglio?

Davide Gironi April 21, at Have you check the bus with a logical analyzer to see if the signal has the right timing? Davide Gironi March 16, at 8: Hello, you could setup multiple PIN using array, and a struct, like it is done here: Davide Gironi November 12, at Thank you, problem solved.

Oscar August 24, at 7: Steve Lu September 20, at I appreciate your job sir.

Davide Gironi September 9, at 9: Are there any other possible sources of the error? I made a typo above I meant to say ds18b Hello, this library should work at 1Mhz. I will know more next week when I have access to a freezer again.


I’ve been having trouble with negative temperatures using this library.