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Cirrus Research PLC specialise in noise measurement instrumentation. Returns of faulty items are free of charge, no fault returns may be subject to a handling charge. Guide to the Website. News Blog Press Releases. The doseBadge can only be operated reset, calibrated, started and stopped using the Reader unit or the Keyfob remote control.

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Returns of faulty items are free of charge, no fault returns may be subject to a handling charge. Skip to main content. Five doseBadge Kit, includes: The doseBadge is a small, lightweight personal noise dosimeter that is ideal for measuring the noise exposure of workers.

My Account View Basket. This ensures that the movement of the user is not constricted by cables and connectors.

Cirrus CKA/2 Personal Noise 2 doseBadge Kit | Noise Meters | Personal Protection | Arco UK

LAeq, Peak Cbattery level. The unit has no controls or switches, with all functions controlled by either the RC: Not reviewed Write Review Read Reviews 0. The Reader Unit is used to configure, start and stop the doseBadge, view the session data and transfer the session data from the doseBadge.


Readee HTML to embed in website. Order Add one product per line: Arco website help desk – Need help? For example, the user can start a system with a single badge, a reader and a power supply. The doseBadge is usually mounted on the shoulder, attached to the worker’s clothing. It will measure, store and calculate the parameters essential for compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations including LAe, Cpeak and Lepd.

What is Occupational Hygiene? Company Dosebadye Product Approval Certificates. The design of the doseBadge allows the case to be much smaller than a conventional dosimeter.

Guide to the Website. However, where that may not be possible there are a range of kits, for mounting the doseBadge onto a hard hat or helmet, usually for attaching hearing protection to the helmet. Not what you are looking for? Mon to Fri 8am to 4. If you have any questions please contact us by following this link.

The system comprises the doseBadge, the Charger Unit and the Reader Unit, and is dosebarge in kits or as individual items. Use our Quick Order facility in 2 ways Add the codes and quantities below and press the ‘Add to Order’ button You can also place your order by copying and pasting the products you require from applications like Excel or Word. Mains Power Supply for 5 way charger unit – Euro plug.


The doseBadge is an innovative, wireless infra-red personal noise dosemeter.

DoseBadge Noise Dosemeter

Doeebadge measurements provided the doseBadge have been designed to allow full compliance with Noise at Work regulations, while giving a simple output that can be easily understood. Link to this Page.

The rechargable battery is sealed within the unit and is charged using the reader unit or by additional charging blocks. What is Air Sampling? For more information, please contact your local branch. Glossary Latest News Products.

The doseBadge is a unique solution for Personal Noise measurements.