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Power management is a wide reaching topic and reducing the power a system uses is handled by a number of drivers and techniques. Each binary file contains a small header with a magic number and offsets to the sleep wand wake sections and then the sleep and wake sections themsevles which consist of two bytes to specify the i2c bus speed for the operation and then blocks of bytes that specify the message. To bright the Ethernet connection back I have to use ifdown and ifup. Is there just one ethernet interface on the AMx? Found an INTC at 0xfa revision 5. The following governors are available within the kernel:. A driver that implements the functions to transition to target C-state.

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[meta-ti] building meta-ti + poky HOWTO?

I noticed that you are using a mainline kernel 3. Jul 24, 4: Even pins that are not in use and not connected to anything can still leak some power so it is important to consider these pins as well when implementing the pad configuration. No such file or directory bootlogd.

Ask a related question What is a related question? If governors like ondemand is used, OPP change happens automatically based on the system load.

Ethernet connection get lost, ifdown -a and ifup -a helps to re-establish it, but without it wathdog gets triggered: Here is the bootlog: A standard message block is defined as:. C;uidle-am33xx reply to Gordon Li: This driver cpuixle-am33xx an API to be used by the PM code to provide board and SoC specific data from the kernel to the CM3 firmware, request certain power state transitions, and query the status of any previous power state transitions performed by the CM3 firmware.


AM335x + SMSC 9303 ethernet connection loss

Debugging suspend and resume issues can be inherently difficult because by nature portions of the processor may be clock gated or powered down, making traditional methods difficult or impossible. Menu Search through millions of questions and answers User.

The DS pull is enabled which uses a pull down by default and DS off mode is used which outputs a low by default. Dynamic or active Power management techniques reduce the active power consumption by an SoC when the system is active and performing tasks.

[meta-ti] building meta-ti + poky HOWTO?

The problem that you are seeing is different. Although the driver core handles selection of the default state during the initial probe of the cpuidle-am33xx.0, some extra work may be needed within the driver to make sure the sleep state is selected during suspend and the default state is re-selected at resume time. Starting Lighttpd Web Server: Go to Embedded Software Read Only.

From here, the system will enter DeepSleep0. Thanks, Gordon Starting kernel Please note as of Wednesday, August 15th, this wiki has been set to read only. Power Management can broadly be classified into two categories: It is possible to get statistics about the different C-states during runtime, such as how long each state is occupied.


The CM3 firmware is then able to write these sequences out at the fauled location in the Deep Sleep path on i2c0. Ask a new question Ask a new question Cancel. Jul 28, The required pinctrl states will differ from board to board; configuration of each pin is dependent on the specific use of the pin and what it is connected to.

Re: AMx OMAP2 common clock external fixed-clock registration – Michael Welling

Due to the holidays, responses may be delayed. Current ‘driver’ is called to transition to the selected state. It is a very simple class of AVS.

Although the techniques and concepts involved with power management are common across many platforms, the actual implementation and usage of each differ from part to part.

The power management features enabled on AMx are as follows:. RTC-Only mode does not maintain DDR context so placing a board into RTC-only mode allows for very low power consumption after which a supported wake source will cause a cold boot.

From Texas Instruments Wiki.