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Any advice would be much appreciated. Free shipping threw out the world; discount for Shenzhen resident; send your money now. Chris, OEM is an extremely confusing and contradictaroy term. My friend brought it a year ago and that set look good quality. Nine of them to be exact. Told me he left the reciept on the plane.

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Why worry about their pricing? As for clones, they are what they are, inexpensive and good for the beginner or the player that does not or can not pay the big bucks for TaylorMade, Ping, etc.

Has anyone ever done business with http: Apply 2nd Swing eGift Code at checkout on 2ndSwing. Hotter faces are the norm now.

GolfWRX is the world’s largest and best online golf community. They take cash in brown paper bags. RAZR fit Stiff 9. I spoke to a couple of friends and they said that this RBG company is very legitimate and that they have actually purchased dazr this company several times.

I guess that comes with all the years of having to get myself out of terrible positions because of my weak driving accuracy. With in-depth descriptions from their testing, GolfWRX Members illuminate the pros and cons of each fairway wood, providing the real information you need when making your purchasing decisions.


Callaway Razr Fit Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

Brian Peck 27 years old. I think it is a very fanciful term to believe, as you put it, that Rockbottom gets it goods from closeouts or overstock activities.

My driver is my crux, and I have tried everything. Counterfeiters are not interested in precision — just your money.

Is my driver fake help

Do they have a phone number or mailing address? I searched on http: These are that good. Sent a head to Mizuno who told me they were copies. Does the condition of my used golf clubs affect the value? Upon review, some of the warning flags mentioned here are present — questionable grammer, no phone number or physical address, no customer reviews. The first clue was the sound it made.

Callaway RAZR Fit – No Serial Number

Equipment 2 weeks ago. But more often than not, I no longer have a choice.

Just to let you know that Acushnet own quite a few of the big brands, and you cannot deal with them unless you have abricks and mortar golf retail callqway. This thread is days old. I am just asking about the quality of this product, because due to some information eg — http: And this was all brought about due to fixed pricing coknterfeit the manufacturer.


New Clubs For A tri-fecta thanks Dicky V.! I do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind.

Callaway RAZR FIT Driver Editor Review – GolfWRX

The world is full of counterfeit clubs and it is only now that most people are realising the magnitude of the disception as person after person gets stung. Go to your local cointerfeit store instead. Off the deck, I was getting great numbers on the simulator, but on the course I was hitting the M2 places where I have never hit a 3 wood before.

When I looked into it a bit more, I realised I was right to panic! I believe these brands have prices that retailers are not supposed to reduce.