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These are my opinions and not my employers. If it ends up in unused disk space, it will not affect your files and you won’t see it as an error. Log in or Sign up. As a follow-up to this message, if anyone is trying to use this and can’t mount their NTFS volume in Ubuntu, the procedure to follow is: This problem occured while removing Vista SP1 Beta. Not clear to me how you can get any data off -if you can’t access the drive from windows, or from a boot disc. You must remove the drive from the offending system, put in an external carrier.

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Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. Just thought I would add my two cents on this problem.

Sep defragmentinh, Posts: That’s why I think about a code issue. Try installing the hotfix kb with your data disk unplugged, then add your data disk and see if fefragmenting helps?

Yes, my password is: Had to crack out Powermax or whatever they’re calling it and do the pseudo low-level format before anything would work because everything barfed with it in. This means I can now restore my old computer as well. By using our site, you defragmentinng that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


When I powered it back on I went into the contorllers bios a LSI megaraid i4 and brought the failed disk back online then rebooted and started to load windows. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

SATA HDD failure after Defrag

I did get the hotfix from Microsoft but now I don’t know what to do with it, can you help? To check the disk, you should type in a command of the type: Also I am going to be super pissed if losing a drive causes the array to become corrupt as that would pretty much defeat its purpose, that is to tolerate a drive failure without data loss. Next morning the sytem had crashed and would not boot. When I came back I nearly shit myself. Thanks for your support through my troubles SIW2, you’re first guess was correct it was a Partition Table error.

However searching for this error shows up as corruptio back as the middle of The patch is dated March 10, I already ran a Data Recovery Software but to no avail.

OMG: Massive disk corruption after defrag

I’m going to try the other one. Then do SP1 upgrade and reinstall your Anti-virus software.

This happened on several files on different drives. This crashed it but at least a dump file was created. I have had this happen on two separate systems now.

And why bit flipping would only occur on metadata packets? Now I start panicking. I’m not getting past the splash screen on PW.


I did a hex compare between good and corrupt versions of the files and I found blocks of data missing and instead replaced with hex that represent the strings “Microsoft reserved eata or “Basic data partition” each character being separated by 0x00, or “. It has automatic mechanisms that protect Terabytes of archived data from crashes and power failures not found in any other disk to disk backup software. And I did not touch defrsgmenting files at all!

OMG: Massive disk corruption after defrag – Ars Technica OpenForum

corription But it has to be the fault of the boot time defragmenter. In general, you may not realize there are some errors on your disk because they can be accumulated for a long time without showing their presence in any way. So something to watch out for since you’ve got an Asus as well.

How to use XFS defrag http: Anything common to your config? Did you install a driver for it or do you use the default Windows one?