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At address 0xac2c we store the value of ulCriticalNesting. Configuration Options This ethernet package should be loaded automatically when selecting a target containing a ColdFire processor with on-chip ethernet, and it should never be necessary to load it explicitly. I boosted rx task priority level, Boosted ISR level and priority, looked for wrong data in the Ethernet Controller registers. In addition you should verify that the Coldfire uses the single stack model not switch between USP and SSP which is the default for this platform. The standard driver is the default. A smaller number of buffers increases the probability that incoming ethernet frames have to be discarded.

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There is absolutely no warranty for GDB. Thread aware file system Hint: Simply copy these files into the correct directory and change the makefiles and you should be ready to go.

This site required JavaScript to be enabled. A set of the standard demo tasks Including the polled queue, blocking queue, semaphore, math and dynamic priority tasks. If there are special requirements, for example if the board has to be hardwired to communicate at 10Mbps colffire than autonegotiate the link speed, then usually this is handled by fixed logic levels on some of the PHY pins or by using jumpers.

FreeRTOS – Motorola/Freescale ColdFire Port with Ethernet drivers for the MCFx

Views Read Edit View history. Restoring the context is done by performing the following steps:. Any clues on what could cause the ISR to stop working? This site required JavaScript to be enabled. Next type continuethe execution should stop at the temporary breakpoint in main.


[RTOS Support] ColdFire Ethernet with LWIP and FreeRTOS

Next the value of the stack pointer is stored in the task control block pxCurrentTCB. This is useful if for example the target hardware includes a number of additional off-chip ethernet devices. The ColdFire instruction set is “assembly source” compatible by means of translation software available from the vendor and not entirely object code compatible with the As a result it is implemented intentionally at the expense of features such as multiple network device support, and network debugging under RedBoot, but has improvements such as zero-copy reception as well as zero-copy transmission if certain constraints are met by the data packet to be transmitted.

The report provides an excellent reference for those wishing to create new ports for different processors. Fail Safe File System: An eCos application containing the ethernet driver will automatically pick up this address.

Thread aware file system Hint: Now the stack pointer is advanced 60bytes and the variable ulCriticalNesting is pushed on the stack.

In addition it includes the typical functionality also found in the other FreeRTOS ports like an example of a serial driver and the demo tasks. The exact value will depend on the processor being used, for example the MCF interrupt controllers impose specific constraints on interrupt priorities.

I noticed that once it crashed, the task are still running I removed the vErrorChecks task which cpldfire good, but the ISR triggered by incoming frame isn’t triggered anymore. If you want a graphical debugger you should also apply the patches to insight. If you prefer to work from the command line you can use GDB without Insight.


NXP ColdFire

Once a frame has been received and its size is known the driver will pass it up to higher-level code for further processing. Retrieved from ” https: When designing a new target board it is recommended that the board comes with a unique network address supported by the platform HAL, rather than relying on users to change the address. Since then, additional contributions were provided by Vladimir Lasky and most recently a big upgrade by Christian Walter.

This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat If you have a different location change the Makefile. For example the target board may have a small serial EPROM or similar which is initialized during board manufacture. By using this site, you agree to the Etherent of Use and Privacy Policy. This is discussed in more detail below.

Manipulating this option is fine if the configuration will only be used on a single board. The steps are illustrated below: However, Fido has its own unique architecture and shares the instruction set with 68k only.