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My miss hits are still very playable and I get good comments on how well I hit my drives. No problems swicthing for Callaways x driver nine degree. I added at lesats 30 yards as compared to my previous driver. Second drive … TING … In woods, adjusting the face thickness with VFT Technology maximizes ball speed and perimeter weighting for more distance and forgiveness. I appreciate it when a company stays true to its roots and provides a familiar clubhead for me at address.

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Fourth … TING … All being said, I find the whole package quite satisfying and the crack off of the club face better than the Taylor Made.

My original driver was the Big Bertha ca,loway Performance Once I was able to teach my new dog how to sit at address, it really is a good club for the money. It is a great club and let my 17 hadicap friend have a slog with it on caoloway few holes. Callaway by Fujikura 60g regular flex graphite shaft. It is difficult to get the clubface closed.

Your email address will not be published. The X feels a little more rugged and solid, making a firmer ball feel even firmer.


Starting with the original Big Bertha, Callaway has always been associated with quality, high-performance drivers. It is simply amazing.

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The Callaway X Driver is an all-titanium cc driver with Consistent Alignment Sole and innovative weighting system. This is a Callaway X 11 driver. Then it works well.

Leave a Reply Cancel callowqy Your email address will not be published. I am now looking for a consistent 3 wood…. Callaway wanted a driver to not only replace the but to also improve performance and provide an alternative to the FT Your review title You must enter a title. So the engineers sought out to make not just a replacement to the but a quality, tour-performing driver. My partners who use all-titanium drivers could quickly recognize when calolway ball was struck well.

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Bought a Walter Hagen M2hit well with it then I swung. When I use Taylermade drivers, they work well. When compared to the FT-3, the X does have a more solid feel at impact. The headcover is the same shape and quality caploway the FT-3 and drivers. My previous driver was a Jack Nicklaus cc regular flex that I hit about if I really cranked one it went Just bought my X and have not made it to to a golf course yet and after a few balls on the driving range I now have a rattle.


The grip is standard Callaway fare.

The stock shaft for this model is a 64g Fujikura shaft. Had I figured out the tee height problem sooner I would have bettered my best round by a wide margin. All this club is going to do for me is bring up my feedback rating when I sell it on ebay. The face is in good shape.

Callaway X460 Driver Review

Callaway X 10 degree driver that is in good playable condition. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Variable Face Thickness Technology Variable Face Thickness Technology allows designers to adjust aclloway materials thickness in Callaway Golf woods and irons for improved performance. This keeps a similar look and feel with previous Big Bertha models for those golfers looking for a replacement or upgrade to their old driver. I have used X, but in most of hit I have experienced big slice.