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This closed face keep playing tricks with my eyes and mind but eventually I stopped trusting and using the sole to line up the club. Club is in good condition with wear from normal use, no major dings or scrapes. Nearly every company has rushed to the cc limit, although Titleist took their time getting the R out. Browse Related Browse Related. Black seems to make the clubhead appear smaller. So the engineers sought out to make not just a replacement to the but a quality, tour-performing driver. Callaway X 9.

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Callaway X Graphite Driver

Then it works well. Original Fujikura light flex graphite shaft and Winn rubber grip in good condition. The quieter impact sound makes it a good option for anyone not into loud, crunching drivers. Even my miss hits went straight.

Callaway X Driver | eBay

Luckily the Fujikura I thought that the X tour might be marginally longer and marginally flatter than the FT-3 tour. Recommended to buy this club by my golf teacher. I tried out a whole lot of other clubs too. This and positioning of the internal weights aim to give the Tour model a lower ball flight with little or no slice correction.

Moving weight has been quite the buzz in drivers these past few years.


The face is in good shape. Just set the club down and let the sole line you up. TING … first drive went uphill.

When compared to the FT-3, the X does have a more solid feel at impact. The stock shaft for this model is a 64g Fujikura shaft. Your email address You cqllaway enter a valid email address.

Callaway X460 Driver Review

Amazing consistency, Sound and more length than an r5 dual a must buy in my eyes 1 out of 5 tut tut 08 February By Anonymous not as good as the FT-3 and to expensive 4 out of 5 X 05 Callaeay By Anonymous Decided to upgrade the Driver that came with my set.

I am a 14 year old kid who bought this driver.

I am not too sure about length, yes I am 80 yards longer than most, but still shorter than my Mizuno World Cup Persimmon. Callaway by Fujikura 60g regular flex graphite shaft. Very good callzway used callaway x driver 10 with Fujikura shaft Regular Flex, I have used X, but in most of hit I have experienced big slice.

He could not believe how long and straight it drives. Like you, mine also sets up closed and I have to readjust it every time before teeing off.

Callaway X460 Driver

Fourth … TING … It is a great club and let my 17 hadicap friend have a slog with it on a few holes. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Im 6 4 lbs And is very strait when I grip the shaft good. I can feel more of the vibrations through impact and this extra feedback is welcome most of the time.


Might be a loose piece of epoxy or something. It is simply amazing. It is not just when I hit a ball though it is all the time as if something is broken off inside the club head. The stock shaft on the standard model is a Fujikura 64g model made for the X while the Tour model has the Fujikura So far, the club has delivered mostly straight shots, but dissapointing distance.

Just bought my X and have not made it to to a golf course yet and after a few balls on the driving range I now have a rattle. Great results on the range unfortunately i’m finding it hard to put into pratice My fault not the clubs.