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When he came back to them with a prototype, Levine and Benson responded appropriately. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Partner Perspectives – content from our sponsors. Then the carefully slicked-down hair and the gleaming wire-rimmed glasses give way to something slightly more, well, menacing. Similarly, Cabletron controls the sales process by fielding a direct-sales force, instead of working through value-added resellers, the industry norm. Storming in, he threatened, “If you people all have the time for this meeting, then I guess I really don’t need this many people. Languages Deutsch Edit links.

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Levine also owns 15 guns, which he has, on occasion, used to shoot up his own sprinkler system. Very abusive to employees, all legal in my case.

He says that the company is fundamentally different from the old Cabletron in two ways. Cabletron’s profits may be fat, but salespeople live under scrawny conditions.

The final chapter in Cabletron Systems Inc. Cabletron Inc is a fun cablefron exciting place to work that offered immense learning opportunities. Compared to their competition they are really undervalued. If only, Levine thought, Cabletron could find a way to test live networks.

I started my career in computers and networking through all the education programs offered.

But, insists Levine, “it was because of our next move that we really took off. The two of them ran the company into the ground because of their arrogance and ineptitude.

Benson had his doubts.

Cabletron Systems

Of course, neither Cabletron’s sales, nor profits, nor quality show any signs of eroding. Management while I was employed would always be willing to help you advance if given the opportunity. Cabletron sytems no vice-presidents and almost no middle management; Levine and Benson discourage lengthy conference meetings by furnishing meeting rooms without chairs.


Some, syshems a special wall plate that allows customers to plug phone wire in one end and coaxial cable in the other, sysrems gone from consumer suggestion to prototype in just six weeks. We don’t want it to, and it won’t. Though hardly sentimental, Levine has held tight to the principle that rewarded Cabletron with such staggering growth: As generous as they are about firing, Levine and Benson are stingy about adding people — “I don’t even ask anymore,” says Casson.

As business owners, we marvel at how companies have impacted our lives like AppleMicrosoftand even Hasbro. The digs are hardly ritzy: One of Cabletron’s ‘smart hubs’ might ordinarily monitor 90 personal computers on a network and, instead of searching from computer to computer to locate problems, it allows a technician to identify and locate faulty wires and computers immediately. As a result, shares of Cabltetron were officially converted into shares of Enterasys Networks Inc.

The lean company could, quite literally, work itself to death. In one decade, Cabletron has distinguished itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Not long afterward, Levine was selling wire and cable for his own company on a full-time basis, and Benson was taking care of the firm’s finances during evenings and weekends. Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references. The CEO and presidents of Cabletron were very sketchy.


Such a feature would also allow Cabletron to do more problem solving by phone — a relief to Oliver, who was, untilhalf of the technical support team. Levine and Benson decided to sell its box at nearly 15 percent below the market price.

Cabletron Systems – Wikipedia

Many a growing company forgets the lessons of its earlier days. Czbletron one wall hangs a picture of President George Bush with — if you trust the caption underneath — Levine. It took some time, syystems he finally persuaded Levine that it would not be much of a problem selling the other 9, feet of cable and doubling their money in the bargain.

The two men encourage an all-out, no-holds-barred aggressive sales technique to please the customer, a technique that proved so successful that by Cabletron had increased its work force by systeks percent, totaling approximately 2, employees, to keep up with company growth. It’s a good thing too, because there wouldn’t be anyplace for them to congregate.

I could see an ego like that destroying the whole place. But, he notes, “I know what will happen if I relax at all.