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Can I use this beta version? If you discover a driver in the 1. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, the current version of BNU does have ‘hooks’ for an installable driver to link into BNU and carry out this task. Subsequent to the release of version 1. This can cause difficulties if used incorrectly. And to his poor users for putting up with “would you like to try something for me?

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BNU Fossil Driver FAQ

By default, a colour vossil uses dark blue on white, and a monochrome screen reverse video. This feature is officially ‘not supported’ under any conditions, and I certainly don’t need to hear that it “does” or “doesn’t” work on your system. IRQ 8 through 15 use 00A0.

If carrier fosisl drops the caller hangs up while the watchdog function is active, the system will be rebooted. Beta test releases carry an suffix after the version number, and will be numbered ending with a non-zero digit for identification of incremental versions.

Unfortunately, this system was withdrawn in because it became apparent that despite specific and very prominent notice in the documentation and archive comments, drivers were being placed on BBS systems for download and file request.

Usual symptoms of the diagnostics panel impacting in a detrimental way on a system’s ability to communicate are failed handshaking between Fidonet mailers, poor resilience in file transfers when “task” switching under multitasking software, some spurious character loss from remote during terminal sessions, failure to initialise a modem and inability to detect incoming calls from a modem returning verbose response codes amongst others Applications software usually has a much better idea of when it is idle, and with the driver possibly giving time away when the application is doing likewise, the result can be that the application fowsil not fossiil sufficient CPU time for time critical communications, such as when bju connections and so forth.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See Q10 for more information. There are no restrictions on distribution of BNU 1.

Short answer – usually, yes. You are, however, welcome to use one if bmu find. If a caller hangs up while such a program requests input, it may be effectively “stuck”, unable to continue until its input is satisfied.

All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from April All stub articles. As of this date, version 1.

Can I use this beta version? Programs and documentation are supplied free of charge on an as is basis to the Fidonet and othernet bny. Memory is precious – especially in a multitasking environment, and most of the time, the standard 1K transmit and receive buffers are far too much to allocate.

Enquiries regarding this project bhu be directed to any of the electronic addresses listed at the start of this document. You are otherwise welcome to give the driver to others provided that the receiver is aware of the beta status. This internal multitasker support has been removed from BNU. If you obtain one, please do NOT distribute it by posting it for download or file request. By obtaining a copy of the package, you do not “own” a copy – simply a license to use it.


The reason for this restriction is to prevent a user from using a beta release which causes problems on their system and with other software without them realising the status of the driver. If diagnostics are used rarelythen add 1K.

BNU (software)

COM is approximately 11K in size. Thank you to the many people involved in helping the “BNU” project, especially those of you willing and silly enough to run beta versions on your own systems and tolerate the problems. This can cause difficulties if foxsil incorrectly. This is the benefit of having the API in the first place. Any ports whose baud rate has been “locked” are listed sequentially. Please forward any enquiries regarding this conference to me.

BNU (software) – Wikipedia

Beta releases are, by nature, less stable than release versions. Then execute a command, something like: Refresh rates of 1 means every second tick, 2 every third, 3 every fourth, and so on. They cannot be authenticated, and fosssil are not officially supported by anyone.