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The XP 3D stereo drivers and reg patch are provided in the article as well ;-. You can download it here [No Longer Available]. Great decision for me, no more wating for cfx profiles and 3D vision is awesome Will this work on other PC screens if one doesn’t yet own the Samsung model? At the time of writing this is version For instance, we can use the default red-cyan glasses, but also red-blue, red-green, and even yellow-blue filters exist.

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This Stereoscopic 3D driver is not compatible with the existing graphics driver.

ATI 3D Setup | guru3D Forums

Support is very low and slow. Last but not least, we need to activate the stereoscopic vision. It’s been reported working by several other readers. This site uses cookies.

ATI 3D Setup

Are there anagly;h to set the view to work with the various kinds of standard filter combinations red-blue, red-green, yellow blue? It was used before nvidia switched to the new control panel version of the driver.


Tips and Tools to Know Dan Price. Great decision for me, no more wating for cfx profiles and 3D vision is awesome Here are the XP stereo drivers and here is the XP regpatch mirror. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

I wrote Unity Engine because they are the engine that my artist wants to use. Ok, so, I’ve done a little bit more research, but some of it has just brought up more questions.

D Thanks a lot! Hi folks, as you might share this opinion, it’s a anag,yph experience to watch demo stuff. Thanks for pointing it out! Played HL2 again and enjoyed very much: Mind uninstalling the rest before you go through with it though.

Good luck, I’m keeping eye on this topic, for sure. I exactly thought of that too.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Read what I wrote here as I have a stereoscopic 3D setup. GeForce 3D Vision says it installs but it doesn’t in actuality.


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Please go to http: But I have not heard back from them. Installed GeForce drivers v. Though this looks like exactly what I am looking for in the long run, I am curious. This patch activates the output of anaglyph images.

[collection thread] iZ3D – Free Anaglyph 3D Driver *compatible* Demos & Intros ::

Atti wanted to play halflife 2 in 3d. Some compatible 4k Stuff! Don’t these require specific monitors, or is that my misunderstanding? Or just download the free driver from iZ3D.

CairnisReedAnagoyph 1, Basically what I am looking at is getting IZ3D drivers. I cannt belive this technology has arrived in this work, But overall this would be effective psychologically for most children.