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The Viper will issue read or write type commands to the other device, depending on whether the remote device is the source or destination for the data. Selectable SCSI disconnect length for good bus utilization. Viper SCSI models use a right-angle, dual-row pin connector, illustrated below. The “on” condition would indicate to the user that the cartridge should not be removed. As Track is written, the erase head erases the full width of the tape and is disabled at the end of Track 0.

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The DIAG jumper places the drive in diagnostic mode. Crown-and-flanged pulleys are used on both the motor and the capstan assemblies to assure trouble free service.

This process takes advantage of the tape cartridge bi-directional capabilities and, thus, avoids time-consuming rewinds. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller arxhive

Typically, a directory maintains the beginning block for each of the individual files on the tape. The 4-bit Speed field 2150w always be set to zero, representing the single default speed supported by Viper Block Descriptor Length specifies the number of bytes in the trailing list of Block Descriptors. Cartridge Loading The cartridge is ejected by sliding the loading lever away from the cartridge.


These signals are de- scribed as follows. The Current Pointers are used by the target currently connected to the initiator.

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LP and EW holes exchange functions when the tape movement is in the reverse direction. Head Configuration Two track read while write 1 track in each direction with separate full width erase.

Only fixed-length blocks bytes per block are supported. In buffered mode, Residual Length equals the total number of unwritten blocks the number of blocks not transferred from the initiator plus the number of blocks remaining in the Viper buffer.

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Ex- tended sense Valid bit is set, indicating Residual Length is non-zero. Power Dissipation operational 20 watts typ. An increase in rewrites or the recoverable error rate can indicate that the recording medium is deteriorating.

Allocation Length archiv This field is used in a number of commands to specify the number of by tes the initiator has allocated for the command’s response data. SCSI logical communication is described in Chapter 6.

The following are some of the Viper’s acrhive features. Since a very small amount of contamination can inhibit performance, a cleaning schedule should be established.

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This bit is always set to one to distinguish these messages from other messages. The three jumper pairs in column three are used to specify the 3-bit Controller I. All other command dependent fields are defined within the message descriptions that follow. This will help optimize the amount of independ- ent “off bus” processing that multiple devices can perform in parallel. In non-buffered mode, Residual Length equals the difference between the re- quested transfer length and the actual number of blocks written to tape.


Microprocessor-controlled read threshold, and write current control. When non-zero, the number of bytes specified in Allocation Length up to a maximum of 3 bytes will be transferred.


Data lines include the parity signal option. Support is also provided for user applications that maintain strategic block addresses in a trailing directory. Refer to Chapter 2, “Jumper Configuration”. SEL- Select is used by an initiator to select a target, or by a target to re-select an initiator.

Residual Length is set equal to the difference between the requested transfer length and the actual number of blocks read.

The Viper returns extended sense format only. If the value of the logical block address is equal to or greater than 2 21a Archjve Extended 28h will be used. The RM bit setting indicates removable media.