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The share and sharenet code is not fully tested. Check to see if apcupsd supports your operating system see Supported Operating Systems. To use their shutdown program rather than the apcupsd supplied version, you simply edit:. If you would like to free up your serial port and connect your existing serial port UPS to a USB port, it is possible if you have one of the later kernels. So while you could technically build a package without defining a platform, or with an incorrect platform, and have it install and run it would not contain correct dependency information for the rpm database. Normally, they should go in the cgi-bin of your Web server. See the graph in the top of the article, which describes my hardware setup.

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The event name, and a number of other important parameters are passed to the script.

APCUPSD via USB Cable on Windows 10

Other ‘smart’ type cables may work, but only A has been formally tested at this time. The success of apcupsd is due to the many people that helped in development, testing and in many other ways. Before using multimon and the other CGI programs, first ensure that apcupsd is configured to run the Network Information Server.

It’s fundamentally stupid and self-defeating, but it’s the kind of stupid that tends to sound good at an executive meeting. UPS nominal output voltage when running on battery.

Please read the Testing Apcupsd section of this document for wijdows instructions on testing the Win32 version.

Plug the UPS back into the wall outlet [switch utility power back on] and allow it to recharge it will recharge more quickly turned off and with no load present. The “All data” link is similar to apcaccess output. You might be able to find the name with an:. This is yet to be confirmed. The ubs apcupsd gives you to do this include one command-line utility apcaccess and a GUI you can use through a Web browser. apcupssd


Item 1 will probe the UPS for all values known to apcupsd and present them in rather apcupxd format. You also should build using the gcc compiler and ccs make, not Sun’s uusb. You can read the complete reference on configuration directives Configuration Directive Referencebut if you are setting up a normal standalone configuration you should only need to check and possibly fix the first three items listed below.

This situation is not harmful just annoying and possibly confusing. Select Option 2 for Network. A MARK on this line means the power has failed. This event is generated when apcupsd detects a self test by the UPS.

If you have a UPS that communicates via serial port, you need to do two things before you can even think about configuring the software. This means that whenever the power is applied they are on. Reinstall the driver jsb directed above if needed.

Normally you will get at it via apcaccessbut there winndows other ways as well. Also, on a slave machine, you do not want to use the modified halt script since it will recall apcupsd, which will detect that it is a slave i.

This feature is implemented on Unix systems by first requesting a system shutdown.


Users – APCUPSD via USB Cable on Windows 10

The chosen directory must be writable by the user apcupsd is running as normally root and must not be cleared or unmounted early in the shutdown sequence. Plug the serial port plug back into your computer, and within about 12 seconds, apcupsd should reestablish communications and broadcast and log the following message:.

See Platform Support below for details. Note that if you close or disable the tray icon this does not stop or disable the apcupsd service which will continue to monitor the UPS and shutdown the computer when appropriate. There should be no error messages. After building, install Apcupsd as root using ‘ window install ‘ and then reboot.

High line voltage causing transfer to battery power or activation of SmartTrim.

The ‘ make install ‘ must be run as root. Currently as of 3.

Apcupsd via usb on windows

To complete the testing, you should do a power fail shutdown of your system. In addition, some simple signaling UPSes with certain cable combinations are not able to detect the low battery condition. As long as your server has the Answerbook2 web server installed and running, you can insert the cgi scripts into the cgi directory of the web server, and access the ksb using something like:.