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Refresh will look again after the scanner is on. The AVAE and AVA boards will accept the DB connector matching the cable that comes with many scanners, keeping the total cost down since a new cable is not needed. You do not have to select the SCSI board first, but if you highlight the top line “Computer”, it will also reset all your hardware. You should realize that life is simple and sweet with a second FAST card for the external devices. Refresh may cause your modem to hang up the phone line if online. Friday, July 10, 6: Putting a 6 foot external cable on a Ultra board with a 3 foot internal cable is asking for trouble.

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If your fax modem is listening to the serial port, then Refresh may abort, may complain that TAPI has the serial port. The high-end SCSI boards, the Ultra and the Wide cards, are really less suitable for a low speed external device like a scanner. Sunday, June 28, Friday, July 10, 6: Not an IT pro?

Cannot install Adaptec AVA (AIC chip) SCSI card

Well, I won’t be going to Windows 7 or any new operating system until there is scsi support. These are a headache for a scanner, because the Ultra spec for bus length is 1. My company can’t afford to purchase all new equipment because Microsoft didn’t do their part to convince Adaptec to write drivers for Windows 7. Windows 7 IT Pro.

A few scanning tips

Such a DMA PCI card will make a tremendous difference in being able to use the computer while the scanner is scanning. Adptec installation routine in Add Harware Adaptdc is looking for an inf file. I have tried to various options to update the driver or uninstall and reinstall and it still does not recognize the card. Garg Moderator Friday, July 10, 6: Monday, Ava-9202e 29, 5: You do not have to select the SCSI board first, but if you highlight the top line “Computer”, it will also reset all your hardware.


This does not mean they dont work well, but they will make your computer be very busy when scanning. Regardless, it’s not up to Microsoft to “convince” other companies to write new drivers for old hardware. These boards will operate up to 7 SCSI devices, if the cables are short enough.

No problem, these drivers interface directly with the port, and do not suffer the problem anyway. The simple DB25 connectors used on many scanners omits all the ground wires, signals are no longer on twisted pair wire for noise immunity were added when all we had was 5 MHz SCSI-1 not the best idea even thenand were never intended for a high speed bus, and are certainly a complication. Sign in to vote.

Conversely, the PIO cards must give the data to the xl processor, byte by byte, and the computers processor must move the data to memory, which keeps the computer pretty busy, very few idle cycles are available for other jobs. Office Office Exchange Server. These polled devices therefore will not be in the Device Manager List.


These methods will not work for scanners on the parallel port or USB port. So your computer should be idle.

Adaptec Avae PCI Db25 SCSI Card – Standard Profile Bracket | eBay

You should realize that life is simple and sweet with a second FAST card for the external devices. Three external devices each on 3 foot cables is more realistic due to cable length. Some users don’t mind this, they are intent on the scanning job, but it drives others wild.

The termination specs prohibit having three cable “ends”, and unfortunately the 68 pin internal bus, the 50 pin internal bus, and the 50 pin external bus are three. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Adaptec Ava-2902e PCI Db25 SCSI Card – Standard Profile Bracket

Highlighting the SCSI Controller greatly minimizes the effect on the system, but otherwise, if the top line “Computer” is highlighted, the Refresh button checks and resets all of the hardware. This is a DB25 connector to fit many scanners.

Monday, June winrows, 3: SCSI cards are available that can do DMA Direct Memory Access to move larger blocks of data directly from the card to memory itself, without going through the computer processor.