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The PC-O10 construction hides unattractive elements, such as drives and cables, and brings only appealing components to the fore. Please visit our website at www. These products will hit the shelves …. One or more expanders can be placed in the data path to “expand” device access up to over 16, devices. An up-to-date half aluminum, half glass design by Lian Li fits to the conventional tower proportions.

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Dual Drive Failure Protection is particularly interesting for use with large capacity disk drives which exhibit longer rebuild times. The command set is an enriched SCSI command set providing robust data management, error handling, and performance characteristics.

Adaptec – Adaptec FAQs

A RAID 60 array allows two drive failures for each leg of a multi-layer array for optimal data protection. Adaptec will continue to qualify motherboards compatible with all Adaptec ZCR cards as they become available. Adaptec Processor Device Pseudo.

Striped Mirror RAID 1E provides mirrored data protection over an odd number of disk drives by mirroring the data stripes adaptdc than the drives. Adaptec Processor Device Pseudo. Any other third-party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.


These products will hit the shelves …. To be Filled based on Supermicro Adxptec. The transparent element presupposes the presence of two LED locations.

The decorative part of this product can be made out of black or transparent polymeric material. The PSU case can store up to 4 3.

The decorative part of this product can be made out of black or cojtroller polymeric material.

Download and install Adaptec Adaptec AIC-9410w SAS/SATA Controller driver

The Advanced Data Protection Suite is a collection of standard and optional features offering customers advanced storage management and data protection features. Also included in the Advanced Data Protection Suite is Copyback Hot Spare, which allows the user to specify a fixed physical location for the hot spare for improved manageability. Please visit our website at www.

Please consult the Adaptec support site for a complete list of available operating systems and drivers. Additionally, snapshot volumes can be used to simplify backup to tape without disrupting access to the production volume. They support motherboards with Intel H chipset and a single expansion slot which is occupied by M.

ZCR implementations provide the flexibility of an add-on card at a more affordable price than other hardware RAID cards. Besides, the models come in two case colors: Write-back cache is volatile to power drops. Tyan Computer Corporation S Tiger i This unique approach frees up space on the RAID card, allowing for more compact controlle. Search for drivers by ID controlldr device name Known devices: It is possible to mount two mm or one mm ….


Hewlett-Packard hp workstation xw based on Precision WorkStation based on An up-to-date half aluminum, half glass design by Lian Li fits to the conventional tower proportions.

Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. Each is backed by a 3-year warranty and Adaptec’s industry-leading technical support.

Download driver Adaptec AICw SAS/SATA Controller

Unknown manufacturer Unknown platform. No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied.

Dual Drive Failure Protection feature RAID 6, 60 delivers the ability to survive two simultaneous drive failures, protecting data during the extended array rebuild times required by new large capacity disk drives.