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MDI moves are executed only once. Machine runs ok but only feeds in one direction. This unit is in Excel. SNC controls are programmable up to 99 different jobs including quantity and length of cut. The software highlights a selected item in a menu or window. Pocket cycles use “built-in” cutter compensation. Bosch Rexroth Interface:

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6000i CNC User`s Manual – Acu-Rite

Table lists non-modal and modal G-Codes. Throat, Blade to Column Guard: Polar coordinates use the distance from the origin and an angle to locate points.

Activate a tool prior to programming G78, so cutter diameter is known.

Over All Table Work Surface 48″ x 12″: B-Achse More Gildemeister Twin A drill cycle G81 to G89 must be programmed prior to G Enter Lead when in MM G71 mode. You can use G for a corner pattern when holes are required only on four corners.

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Bckpcq9qto Swedish made bandsaw fkoppy throat 53cm max cut depth under the blade. Defaults to last programmed feedrate. If the endpoint P2 does not lie along the arc path, the CNC displays an error message. Required Draft angle to be machined on vertical walls of pocket. The maximum number of programs that can be nested is ten. MT 6 Spindle mount: Set the following modes from the Manual screen: It is important to view a plane correctly when you plan a circular move.

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The machine builder sets Default rapid and feed rates at setup. Z and P dimensions are absolute. BT 50 Spindle Drive Motor: Subprogram O uses incremental values to enable you to position the slot at various positions on the work.

Absolute Z position to which the CNC rapids before feeding into the workpiece. If W is 0, then a matrix pattern is drilled. A highlighted label indicates an active mode. Find out more Phone: P must be above the part to avoid a crash while positioning.


While the servos are off, the CNC cannot move the machine. To enable Spindle sync, enter a value of 1.


Optional Finish—stock amount per side and bottom. Distance from the tool location to the arc center. Use them whenever applicable. Leading European marketplace for used machines.

Each pop-up menu contains a highlight bar. Most functions that can be commanded in a part program can also be commanded in MDI Mode. It’s designed to tap nuts, but can be set up to tap other similar components just as easily.

Create a program name for the part.